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Virtualized Wireless LANs simplifies each stage in the network lifecycle, making it easy to enable the All-Wireless Enterprise. With a comprehensive range of products featuring Virtual Cell and Virtual Port technology, wireless networks get the performance, reliability, predictability and operational simplicity of a wired network, with the advantages of mobility.


Plan & Upgrade


Extending a network is as easy as the initial deployment: With no channel planning, access points can be added at any time without affecting others or interrupting connections. Network is already able to handle any application, whether toll-quality voice, high-definition video, or pervasive telemetry, minimizing the need for costly upgrades.




It makes the wireless LAN truly plug-and-play. With no channel planning or power adjustment needed, installing access points is as easy as changing a light bulb. Each automatically downloads its configuration from the controller. System Director takes complete control of the airwaves, using Wireless LAN Virtualization to govern all traffic on a network.




Continuous network monitoring is an intrinsic part of Wireless LAN Virtualization. The network features security at every layer for multiple lines of defense, from radio signal blocking to per-user policy enforcement. Unlike other vendors' access points, it can scan for rogues and intruders without compromising voice or video performance




The network is built for every application, handling voice and video with the same ease as data. Zero-latency roaming, predictable Quality-of-Service and leading handset partners make it ideal for telephony. The switch-like architecture assures reliable video delivery while accurate positioning makes it easy to ensure efficient resource utilization.


Manage & Maintain


It reduces troubleshooting times from days to minutes with automated diagnostics and event correlation. A smart phone-based console gives network staff the same freedom and mobility that wireless brings to users. It services suite can cover the entire wireless lifecycle, with comprehensive training to help customers develop their own expertise.


TP-LINK Wireless LAN Solution - Giving you freedom, wirelessly


TP-LINK is proud to provide a line of products that help free you from your wires. The TL-WR641G/642G Wireless Router series adopts 108M Super G WLAN transmission technology so that data rates can reach 108Mbps. It also adopts 2x to 3x eXtended Range WLAN transmission technology so that transmission distance is 2-3 times that of traditional 11g/b solutions.


The TP-LINK series Wireless Routeris easy-to-manage with Quick Setup Wizard supported and friendly help messages provided for every step allowing you to configure your network quickly and share Internet access, files and fun.


·108M Super GT

·2x to 3x eXtended RangeT

·64/128/152-bit WEP encryption security and wireless LAN ACL

·WPA and WPA-PSK authentication and TKIP/AES encryption security

·Firewall and DMZ coexist, free and secure online gaming


Solution 1: Wireless Networking for HOME Users


Get the whole family Internet connected, wirelessly

·108/54M wireless data transfer rates

·Get more distance with eXtend RangeT technology

·Shares data and Internet access

·Parental Control, uPnP, DDNS, 802.1X

·Quick and easy setup




Solution 2: Wireless Networking for Office Users


Work freely and efficiently

·108/54M wireless data transfer rates

·Get more distance with eXtend RangeT technology

·Shares data and Internet access

·Parental Control, uPnP, DDNS, 802.1X

·Quick and easy setup




Solution 3: Easy and Cost Effective Transformation to WLAN


Connect or expand your network faster and more efficiently




Solution 4: Secured WLAN - WPA implemented


WEP has been shown to have several vulnerabilities that can allow a determined attacker to eventually overcome this native 802.11 security control. Meanwhile, the WLAN industry has responded to the vulnerabilities WEP by offering a stronger security solution called WPA. However, the complicated configuration set a barrier to most wireless fans. TP-LINK therefore releases a thoughtful wireless series featuring WPA-PSK (Pre Shared Key) for home users to obtain the high level security via a low level setup.