IT Management

Can you maintain system security, compliance and configuration integrity from a single,Integrated console?


Enterprises are faced with a new kind of business pain: maintaining security and compliance while keeping up with the rapid pace of both regulatory and technological change. IT staff is constantly running to manage new security threats and patches, updates and innovations. Business success depends more and more on IT's ability to Establish and maintain control in the face of constant change.


OwnYIT is our latest addition in enabling IT professionals to automate systems management tasks and proactively control, update and protect desktops, servers and mobile devices. No management solution is more complete, integrated and easy to use than this.




OwnYIT increases enterprise efficiency, enabling IT staff to:


Maintain security and keep up with patches and updates

Efficiently install and maintain software on the desktop

Decrease software-licensing costs and respond to audits

Reduce the cost of helpdesk support

Manage physical, contractual and financial assets

New & enhanced features for better management.

End point Solution to protect USB excess in your office.

Structure Cabling for your office & Home.